BBF’s Medical Program

In 1958, Brother’s Brother Foundation was created in the spirit of improving world health. Through its Medical Program, BBF is still devoted to that mission as demonstrated by the steady distribution of medicines, supplies and equipment worldwide to Ministries of Health, hospitals and mission physicians. Much of the developing world lacks sufficient medicine and medical supplies that are sometimes abundant in the industrialized world.

To provide people with access to basic medicine and supplies, BBF gathers surplus products from pharmaceutical companies, hospitals and medical organizations and sends these items directly to the places where they are needed. By collaborating with international and domestic partner organizations and individuals on the ground, BBF is able to ensure that these donations reach the hands of the people who truly need them.

BBF is always seeking to increase the amount of aid provided by developing solid relationships with organizations and individuals and amplifying BBF’s donor base. For example, the Medical Program’s continued collaboration with B’nai B’rith has benefited the people of Argentina, Cuba and Peru. A partnership with Christian Aid Ministries has resulted in help reaching Romania and Haiti. A systematic partnership with Food for the Poor has resulted in sustained aid going to Central American and Caribbean countries.

ADRAGhanaShipmentArrives Medical Supplies and Surgical Instruments

By adding an additional warehouse location in the Nation’s Capital area, BBF has increased supply inventory and allocated basic non-pharmaceutical medical items to a larger number of developing countries. Non-pharmaceutical medical supplies such as hospital beds, operating room tables, pediatric cribs, surgical gowns and drapes, exam gloves, stretchers, exam tables and other materials have been provided to places in the Caribbean, Central America and countries in Africa.

Large donations of quality surgical instruments have allowed BBF to supply numerous clinics across the world with basic gynecological, orthopedic, cardiac and other surgical sets. If you are interested in donating medical supplies or pharmaceuticals, please view our giving guidelines .

Mission Tripsmissiontrip

Since pharmaceuticals have expiration dates that need to be respected, sometimes BBF is not able to send large quantities of medicines to countries that have strict customs regulations which could deter shipments from arriving in a timely basis. Because of this, BBF has been increasingly supplying medical mission teams. Individuals or groups can hand-carry medicines to beneficiary countries and therefore ensure the distribution and absorption of these products prior to expiration. BBF provides medications free of charge to qualified groups.

For more information about BBF’s mission trip program, click here .