Our Mission – International Relief Charity Organization

Children in Sierra Leone holding up their new books, donated by BBF.

The mission of Brother’s Brother Foundation is to promote international health and education through the efficient and effective distribution and provision of donated medical, educational, agricultural and other resources.

All BBF programs are designed to fulfill the Foundation’s mission by connecting people’s resources with people’s needs.

Brother’s Brother Foundation began in 1958 as a dream of a few to help the many around the world who lack good healthcare, education and nutrition. From the beginning its founder and leading spirit, Robert A. Hingson, M.D., urged that BBF’s resources be shared with local counterpart organizations in developing countries that shared the common desire to help those in need.

In the following 60 years, BBF has helped people in 149 countries, working through and in partnership with local agencies that want to help their own people. Included in this partnership are local institutions such as hospitals and universities, healthcare, education and other services, local religious organizations, rotary clubs, professional societies and many others. Together with partners in the United States and other more affluent countries, BBF has provided over $4,000,000,000 in goods and services, that includes 107,000 tons of medical supplies, text books, seeds and food that have touched many tens of millions with better health, education, nutrition, material security and hope. It has been an odyssey of love shared by many thousands of supporters (individual, corporate, institutional, etc.) in the teachers, builders, truckers, warehouse labor (paid and volunteer) who have carefully assigned the donations BBF has to those who could use them.

A gift to Brother’s Brother is never singular. It is always multiplied by gifts from individuals, corporations, government grants, faith groups, rotary clubs, ethnic associations, and campaigns such as the Combined Federal Campaign, local United Ways and others.

Donations to assist with shipping costs are greatly appreciated. Credit card donations can be made by calling Brother’s Brother Foundation at 412-321-3160;
checks should be made out to Brother’s Brother Foundation and sent to:

Brother’s Brother Foundation
1200 Galveston Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15233

For additional information please contact:

Ozzy Samad, President or Karen Dempsey, Vice President Development/Administration at 412-321-3160.