BBF Licenses and Affiliations

Brother’s Brother Foundation is approved by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization.

Click here to view our 501(c)(3) Determination Letter from the IRS.

BBF’s Federal Identification Number (FIN) is 34-6562544 .

Brother’s Brother Foundation is registered as a nonprofit public benefit corporation by the State of Ohio (since 1964).

Brother’s Brother Foundation is licensed under Pennsylvania State Law as a wholesale pharmacy.

Brother’s Brother Foundation is a registered Private Voluntary Organization with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

Brother’s Brother Foundation is a member of the Pennsylvania Association of Nonprofit Organizations (PANO).

Brother’s Brother Foundation is a member of Interaction.

State Disclosures

Brother’s Brother Foundation’s audited financial statements are always available upon request and at no charge, by contacting BBF at 1200 Galveston Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15233, phone 412-321-3160 and on our website: . In addition, some states require us to advise you that a copy of our financial report is also available through their offices.

BBF never uses the services of professional fundraisers; 100% of donations benefit the mission of BBF.

California – 100% of your donation is tax deductible. 99% of donations go toward shipping and distributing medical, educational and humanitarian resources to those in need.

Florida–  Brother’s Brother Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation registered pursuant to Chapter 496, Section 496.405 of the Florida Statutes. A copy of the official registration (CH23511) and financial information may be obtained from the division of consumer services by calling toll-free (1-800-435-7352) within the state or from its website at . Registration does not imply endorsement, approval or recommendation by the state.

Georgia – A detailed description of BBF’s programs and activities will be provided upon request.

Maryland – Documents and information submitted under the Maryland Solicitation Act are also available for the cost of postage and copies, from the Maryland Secretary of State, State House, Annapolis, MD 21401, phone 410-974-5521.

New Jersey – Information filed with the attorney general concerning this charitable solicitation may be obtained from the attorney general of the state of New Jersey by calling (973) 504-6215. Registration with the attorney general does not imply endorsement.

New York – A copy of Brother’s Brother Foundation’s latest annual financial report may be obtained, upon request, from BBF or from the New York State Attorney General’s Charities Bureau, 120 Broadway, 3rd Floor, New York, New York 10271.

North Carolina – Financial information about this organization and a copy of its license are available from the State Solicitation Licensing Branch at (919) 807-2214. The license is not an endorsement by the State.

Pennsylvania – The official registration and financial information of Brother’s Brother Foundation may be obtained from the Pennsylvania Department of State by calling toll free, within Pennsylvania, 1 (800) 732-0999. Registration does not imply endorsement.

Virginia – A financial statement is available upon request from the Virginia Office of Consumer Affairs, PO Box 1163, Richmond, VA 23218. 1-800-552-9963.

Washington – Additional financial disclosure information is on file with the Washington Secretary of State 1-800-332-4483 and can be obtained upon request.

West Virginia – West Virginia residents may obtain a summary of the registration and financial documents from the Secretary of State, State Capitol, Charleston, West Virginia 25305. Registration does not imply endorsement.

Wisconsin – A financial statement disclosing assets, liabilities, fund balances, revenue and expenses for the preceding year will be provided upon request.