BBF’s Mission Trip Program


BBF’s Mission Trip Program supports church mission groups, medical student teams and various non-profit organizations travelling abroad by providing them with pharmaceuticals and simple supplies for their medical mission trips.

One of the benefits of an organized mission trip, as opposed to an ocean-going container, is that the medications are hand carried and are able to be taken to places where bigger shipments cannot go. These are also the places where even the basic medical supplies are less frequently available. Often, countries have strict custom regulations that stall sea and air shipments affecting the expiration date of these supplies. Consequently, mission teams that hand-carry their supplies ensure the distribution and absorption of medicines prior to their expiration.


Medicines available for mission trips can include antibiotics, antidiabetics, vitamins, gastro-intestinal medicine and cardiac agents. BBF will provide these supplies depending on what is available in the warehouse at the time of the trip. There are no expenses to groups for medicines and shipment within the United States.

Any organizations or individuals going on a medical mission trip and requesting pharmaceuticals and medical supplies will be required to provide BBF relevant background information on the mission, a copy of the medical license of a doctor or pharmacist going on the trip, a copy of the organization’s 501(c)(3) tax exemption letter [the IRS letter proving non-profit status], a wish list of supplies or medicines and a shipping address. You can begin the application process online via our Mission Trip Supply Request Form .

If you’ve just returned from a medical mission trip, please share your story here!